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February 29, 2024

Touchdown to flavor and joy! The 2024 Souper Bowl was a resounding success

This fun group of friends enjoyed the Historic Manassas Souper Bowl to the fullest! They left with their tummies full and their hearts happy. Photo by Herbert Zepeda

The Historic Manassas Souper Bowl 2024 is more than an annual event. It is a tradition that attracts hundreds of people who eagerly seek to taste the soups that local restaurants serve in the attractive shops of Historic Downtown. Restaurants competed to become the winner of the title for Best Soup of the Souper Bowl!

This year, we had 640 people who followed the "soup route", a detailed map with the places to visit, the soup they would try and a QR code to vote for the soup they liked the most.

"We have had a lot of fun. We never miss out. The soups this year were tasty," said one participant.

The happy faces, loud laughter, and comments from the visitors showed how much fun they were having.

"I think it has been a very well organized event in all the stores we have visited, according to the map, we have found volunteers guiding us and everything has been excellent," another of the attendees told the HMI reporter.

The Souper Bowl is also the kickoff event for the First Friday season in Historic Downtown Manassas, which begins in February and ends in November.

"I'm sorry I missed it," "I'll be there next year," "It's the first time I've missed it," were the expressions of many people who did not buy their ticket in time to participate in the Souper Bowl, which this year included a commemorative mug for the 10th anniversary.

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Meanwhile, enjoy this photo gallery with some of the moments from the 2024 Souper Bowl, and we hope you can join us at every event we have this year in our beautiful and charming Historic Downtown Manassas, where we always have something for everyone.

Semifreddo, winner of the 2024 Souper Bowl, along with the owners of Center Street Studios Pilates & Yoga, her Carrot and Ginger soup conquered the palates of the majority, thus giving them first place.Photo by Herbert Zepeda

The volunteers from Historic Manassas, Inc. contributed greatly to making this Souper Bowl a success. Here are the volunteers who helped serve the Cheeseburger Soup from Philadelphia Tavern in Fillagreen. Photo by Herbert Zepeda

Rangoli Vegetable Manchow Soup was served by Emily Thomson of Manassas Olive Oil Company, along with Linda Szymczak, a volunteer at Historic Manassas, Inc.'s Welcome Center, and her husband. Thanks for your help! Photo by Herbert Zepeda

The Gumbo Columbo from Crossroads, who teamed up with McCall Studio Gallery, was one of the soups that warmed up the night thanks to its slightly spicy, but delicious flavor. Photo by Herbert Zepeda

Our friends at Kerbobble Toys had an excellent night and were strong competition from Creamy Potato Soup from Vera's Kitchen. Photo by Herbert Zepeda

Busy, busy! The Puerto Rican Sancocho that the friends of Puerto Rico Café cooked, and that they served at Black Metal Mercantile, was one of the most sought after by visitors. The mixture of meats used to cook it makes Sancocho one of the most famous dishes in Puerto Rico.
Photo by Herbert Zepeda

Chili is undoubtedly one of America's favorites, and the Beef Brisket Chili that The Bone served at Sinistral Brewing Copany was undoubtedly spectacular, and one of the strong contenders for the 2024 Souper Bowl.
Photo by Herbert Zepeda

James Stricklin, cook at Old Towne Sports Pub, prepared a Gumbo that delighted many for its extraordinary flavor. James served his delicious soup at the Freedom Museum. Photo by Herbert Zepeda

We thank HMI Board member Damita Gilliam-Frye for her valuable help volunteering at the Souper Bowl. Her joy and positivity made the day at Aroma, where they served City Tavern's Stuffed Pepper Soup, spectacular and very happy for everyone. Photo by Herbert Zepeda
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