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June 29, 2023

“I would like to see more volunteers, there is so much to do at HMI”, Mike Crump, Historic Manassas Volunteer

Mike Crump started his volunteering with Historic Manassas, Inc. in 2015. Eight years later, he still feels the same passion and enthusiasm as the first day he showed up at the Welcome Center.

Volunteering is not just about lending a helping hand; it's about making connections, discovering new passions, and creating a positive impact within the community. For Mike Crump, one of our volunteers at Historic Manassas, Inc. (HMI), his journey of giving back has been a fulfilling and enriching experience.

Mike Crump began his volunteer journey at HMI in 2015 after retiring from the Federal Government. With a lifelong fascination for American history, particularly the Civil War era, he found volunteering at HMI to be the perfect opportunity to delve back into his passion.

“I have aways enjoyed American history, especially the American Civil War years. I was really into history when I was a teen but lost interest as I grew older and had other interests.  At one time I thought of majoring in History in College.  So, once I retired, I wanted to do something different than what I did for a living and get out to meet other people and new experiences.”

On June 19, which is celebrated on Juneteenth, Mike Crump together with Kim Moore offered a historical talk at the Prince William Senior Center located in Historic Manassas in which they presented about the railway history of the city, the train station and about the important influence of Jeannie Dean in the fight for the rights of African Americans. Mike really enjoys talking to others about Manassas history.

Rather than succumbing to a sedentary retirement, he eagerly sought out a chance to stay active. Driven by his love for history and a desire to break free from the routine, Mike saw this as a chance to broaden his horizons and meet his long-time fascination with history.

When asked about what he enjoys most about being a volunteer, Mike said the camaraderie and friendships he has cultivated with the HMI team have been invaluable.

“I really enjoy the people I work with at HMI.  While there have been some personnel changes at HMI recently, I can say I have enjoyed working with everyone and have learned from their experiences and background”, he says. 

Mike always has a story or fun fact to share with visitors to the Welcome Center, and he loves being asked questions that challenge his knowledge of history.

Secondly, he relishes the challenge of unique questions and inquiries from visitors. “No two questions or inquiries have been the same.  Therefore, you must be the face of Manassas and project a positive attitude no matter what the situation may be.  I feel good when my shift is over and hope those individuals, especially those from other countries will want to come back again”, Mike says very proudly.

As a senior citizen, Mike believes it is crucial to give back to the community. Whether through his volunteer work at HMI or his local church, he recognizes the value of utilizing his time and skills to benefit others. For him, community service provides an opportunity to go beyond personal interests, creating a sense of purpose and fulfillment that can be transformative for both volunteers and those they serve.

For individuals considering volunteering at Historic Manassas, Inc., Mike emphasizes that they can expect a welcoming work environment, access to abundant resources, and support from fellow volunteers who are passionate about promoting local history.

Furthermore, flexibility in scheduling allows volunteers to tailor their commitment to align with their personal obligations and preferences. “I currently volunteer twice a week, so a volunteer can make their own hours to suit their personal schedules”, ensures Mike for those interested.

Reflecting on his years of service, Mike Crump expresses a profound sense of fulfillment. “Over the years I have done so much, at one time I took tourists around Historic Manassas on a short walking tour. I have volunteered for various festivals sponsored by HMI.  I especially enjoy working at the annual Railway Festival every June. I enjoy being part of a team and sharing my love for history”, emphasizes Mike. 

Smiling Mike! Mike Crump enjoys his volunteer service, and for this reason invites everyone to experience the satisfaction of being able to give of your time and energy to help others.

Through engaging conversations, Mike Crump has imparted knowledge to countless tourists, ensuring they leave with a deeper appreciation for the significance of the depot and the railroad.

In closing, Mike extends a warm invitation to others, particularly teenagers and college students, to join the ranks of volunteers at Historic Manassas, Inc. “I would like to see more volunteers, especially teenagers or college students.  It would be a great experience and would look good on their resumes” he says.

With much to be done at HMI, Mike Crump hopes that more individuals will heed the call and contribute to the preservation and promotion of Historic Manassas. He knows they will feel as proud and happy as he does every time he comes to fulfill his duties at Historic Manassas, Inc.

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