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Haven Arts Va. Is committed to curating new and creative ways of entertaining the members of our community while promoting and sustaining new and existing businesses. The intent of The Manassas Arts + Music Festival is to foster a positive community image through music, art, and entertainment and attract out-of-town visitors while expanding on the cultural and recreational opportunities available in the Manassas  area. 

An essential goal of the Manassas Arts + Music Festival is to help the businesses and careers of local artists, musicians, designers, and other creatives in the face of the economic devastation caused by the COVID-19 crisis and a declining economy. The festival will include musical performances by both local musical artists, a fashion show featuring the brands of local and regional designers, a comedy show, dance performances, small business vendors, and so much more. The event will take place throughout Old Town and feature stages and seminars hosted at variety of local businesses.

A portion of all proceeds will be used to fund our summer 2024 youth program "The Young Visionaries Visual, Arts and Music camp,” which aims to educate teens in art, music, and videography.

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