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May 30, 2023

Damita J. Gillian Frye: A Passionate Advocate for the Thriving City of Manassas

Damita J. Gillian Frye is a dynamic individual who wholeheartedly embraces the vibrant community of Manassas. As a dedicated member of the Board of Directors of Historic Manassas, Inc., she actively works to promote and organize events that showcase the city's charm. With a background in event planning through her business, DJ Designs & Events, Frye brings a wealth of experience and creativity to her role.

Having lived in Manassas for over 25 years, Frye has witnessed remarkable transformations within the city. From a once-sleepy town to a bustling hub of activity, she has seen businesses thrive, events flourish, and the community come alive.

"I love seeing the businesses and all the town thriving and doing well because there was a long time when they weren't.  I love seeing the events that we have here and I try to get people to come here and visit. And I hope that it can continue to change for the better. To me, it gets better every year and every month, every day. And I would like to see it continue to grow like that", said Damita.

Frye's deep connection to Manassas stems from her love for its old-town charm and the safe, welcoming environment it provides for her family, including her granddaughters.

"I have 19 grandchildren and I raised two of them, the oldest one and one of the middle ones, and they love it, it's safe here for them, they hang out at Old Town at the restaurants, at Jirani´s, at the Pavilion. It's a walking distance for them from school and home. They love the Farmers Market. So, I can't really see living anywhere else", proudly said Frye.

Recognizing the importance of incorporating the perspectives of the younger generation, Frye advocates for including them in conversations about the city's future. She believes their ideas and energy can contribute to Manassas' growth while preserving its unique character. Frye envisions a city that continues to evolve, attracts more visitors, and offers a range of experiences that leave a lasting impression.

"I think that when we're having conversations about where the city of Manassas is going, we can’t exclude the young people from that conversation because it's their town, and it's dares them to do what they want to do with it, to make it bigger and better and great. You still want to have that old town feel to it, but, as a young person and an entrepreneur, if I want to come here and start my business, I need to know that we have the traffic and the influx of people to help me to thrive. And, to do that, they got to come here and experience it", assures.

Beyond her work with Historic Manassas, Inc., Frye actively engages with the community and supports local initiatives. Her event planning business allows her to create memorable experiences for various occasions, showcasing her creativity and organizational skills. With a heart for giving back, Frye is constantly seeking ways to contribute to the betterment of Manassas and ensure its continued success.

Damita J. Gillian Frye's passion for Manassas is evident in her dedication, enthusiasm, and desire to see the city thrive. Her involvement with Historic Manassas, Inc., her event planning business, and her commitment to the community exemplify her deep love for the area. With Frye's contributions and the collective efforts of the residents, Manassas is poised to embrace change, welcome new visitors, and continue its journey of growth and prosperity.

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