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May 15, 2023

Candy Briffa, the Baker Behind the Good Stuff Bakery

Many of Candy Briffa's bakery creations are recipes that she learned as a child helping her grandmother, now she makes them to the delight of her vast clientele.

Owner and baker, Candy Briffa has been baking since she was a child and has a passion for creating delicious treats inspired by her grandmother's recipes.

Candy is a baker with a long trajectory, she attended culinary school in New Jersey and then worked as a pastry chef at the Willard Hotel in Washington DC, creating cakes and desserts for royalty, including Julia Child.

Sometime later, Candy decided to open her own business. After running a successful pastry cafe in Alexandria, Virginia for 13 years, Candy decided to pivot and start The Good Stuff Bakery in 2021, with a focus on community connection and flexibility.

As any other Entrepeneur, she started baking out of a shared commercial kitchen in Lorton, doing local pickups, and then had her first market experience last season in Manassas. Now, Candy participates in several markets in the DMV area, but has found a supportive community in the Manassas Farmers Market.

"I love the Manassas Farmers Market because it's a smaller venue and it's a lot more relaxed. It's not as chaotic and it's also a different crowd. And not to mention the beautiful Pavilion we're under and we're like right in the center of town. So, it's a beautiful atmosphere, nice clientele, and it's just more relaxed", said Candy.

When asked about the difference between having a coffee shop and participating in Farmers Markets, the baker noted the flexible and freedom of not having to be at a certain place at a certain time every day.

"I don't have to be there every single day from sunup to sundown. And here it's a little bit more flexibility, I can pick and choose where I want to go as opposed to having to be at a certain place in time. And employees! Having employees," tells us laughing.

Candy recognizes there is of course more commitment, and positive and negative aspects, but there is something she really values of the Farmers Market.

"I love coming to communities and being a part of the community now, because it feels like home. I have a new community to connect with and, you know, get to know people by name and you know their kids and it's just a fun atmosphere. It's a good way to be connected", Candy assures.

The Manassas Farmers Market holds a special place in Candy's heart as it was the first market she participated in last year. Now, she goes to two other markets but continues to stay loyal to Manassas, as a first love.

But where does the name "Good Stuff Bakery" come from?

"I decided that name because when I say it, it makes me laugh, it makes me happy. So, I figured that when people read it and see it, it'll make them laugh. And, once you try the product, the name says it all. It's the good stuff" asserted Candy while telling the story. And it´s true, once people try her delicious treats, the name says it all. It´s really Good Stuff.

The Good Stuff Bakery specialties include quiches, chocolate banana bread, and childhood recipes such as carrot ginger and zucchini chocolate chip bread. The jumbo cookies are a hit with the young ones, "the young kids like the cookies because they're, you know, bigger than your head," said Candy,

People who try Candy's bakery creations always end up with a smile on their faces and the desire to return to try that Good Stuff.

Be sure to stop by and say hello to Candy, the baker and owner of The Good Stuff Bakery's at the Harris Pavilion. Historic Manassas on Thursdays and don't miss out on her delightful treats.

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