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Buddin Bakery

Website: www.buddinbakery.com

Instagram: @buddin_bakery


Company Description: We are an Afro-Latina, sister-ran micro bakery that specializes in artisan baked goods and mocktails. All of our products are made from scratch, in small batches with quality and real ingredients. We focus on worldly flavors and unique flavor combinations. Our products include: cookies, crumb bars, banana bread, artisan "cinnamon-style" rolls, ice cream, other baked goods, and artisan mocktails. An example of our artisan "cinnamon-style" roll would be our Guava and Brie, which has a guava and brie filling, chopped pistachios, guava cream cheese frosting, and pistachio dust on top. An example of our artisan mocktails would be our Masil Blemonade, which is a blueberry lemonade with a mint basil simple syrup.



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