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August 14, 2023

A Market Gem: Discovering American Heritage Family Farm at the Historic Manassas Farmers Market

Every Thursday at the Harris Pavilion, the Historic Manassas Farmers Market comes alive with a vibrant array of stalls, each offering a unique piece of the local culture and flavors. Among these esteemed vendors, there's a name that's rapidly becoming synonymous with the very essence of regenerative farming and exceptional, locally raised meats - American Heritage Family Farm. Let's take a closer look at the face behind the stall, their passion for quality, and the delicious products that have captured the hearts of market goers.

Serving the Community Since 2021

Nestled just outside Warrenton, VA, American Heritage Family Farm started back in 2016, but it was until 2021 when they embarked on its mission to bring the finest in regenerative livestock to the community. From the very beginning, their commitment to excellence has been evident, and this year, they proudly joined the Historic Manassas Farmers Market, sharing their bounty and ethos with those who appreciate the exceptional.

Picture taken from American Heritage Family Farm Instagram.

While American Heritage Family Farm offers an array of tantalizing products, their steaks stand as a testament to their dedication. These steaks aren't just cuts of meat; they're handcrafted masterpieces, embodying the farm's commitment to providing the finest quality. Sink your teeth into the Delmonico steak, a culinary treasure reserved for special occasions, or savor the mouthwatering simplicity of their Denver steaks, perfect for elevating your weeknight meals.

What truly sets American Heritage Family Farm apart is their farm-to-table ethos. With a focus on regenerative practices, they grow their own crops to feed their animals, ensuring the highest quality of nutrition and flavor. This meticulous attention to detail extends to their custom-blended feed, giving every steak and chop that delightful marbling you can't resist. Their animals are pasture-raised, enjoying the outdoors and a low-stress environment, a far cry from the standard practices found elsewhere.

A Jewel of the Historic Manassas Farmers Market

The Historic Manassas Farmers Market, a beloved community gathering, now proudly features American Heritage Family Farm among its cherished vendors. This charming market, held every Thursday at the Harris Pavilion, offers a perfect blend of intimacy and variety. Here, you can not only meet the people behind the stalls but also delve into the stories and passions that drive them.

American Heritage family Market is present every Thursday at the Farmers Market that is held in the Harris Pavilion from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm.

We asked Alexis Russell, Sales & Marketing Manager at American Heritage Family Farm, what they like about the Historic Manassas Farmers Market, "The Thursday market is just the perfect size; small enough so that you know everyone, but big enough so that you can still get everything you need in one place", Alexis told us, adding that this is the first year they've been at the Historic Manassas Farmers Market, and they definitely love it.

Connect with the Farm

If you would like to know more about American Heritage Family Farm, their practices, and their delectable offerings, visit their website, www.ahfamilyfarm.com. Pre-order for the market and immerse yourself in the world of regenerative farming. When you purchase from this stall at the Historic Manassas Farmers Market, you're not just getting a delicious meal; you're supporting a local treasure, a farm that embodies the essence of community, sustainability, and the artistry of regenerative agriculture.

Take a journey through flavors, connect with the land, and be a part of something truly special every Thursday at the Harris Pavilion with American Heritage Family Farm and the delicious contribution they make to our vibrant market and local culture.

If you want to know more about our Historic Manassas Farmers Market, follow the link HERE.

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