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September 13, 2023

A Decade of Dedication to the Manassas Farmers Market

Ron Taylor has been the Market Master of the Historic Manassas Farmers Market for more than a decade. He is known and respected by those who work with him, as well as by the vendors and visitors.

For more than a decade, Ron Taylor has been part of the driving team behind the success of the Historic Manassas Farmers Market. His dedication and passion for connecting local farmers with the community have helped transform the market into a thriving hub of activity. In this post we want you to get to know a little more about the Market Master who is ready to give his best every week and make the Farmers Market work.

Ron Taylor's journey as Market Master began in the spring of 2012. His work has been marked by significant growth and transformation, reflecting his tireless efforts to elevate the market’s status in the Northern Virginia region.

One of the most memorable aspects of Ron's time as Market Master has been his visits to local farms. These excursions allowed him to learn first-hand about the producers and products that reach the market stalls. He also recalls a unique experience when he hosted a representative of the Russian agricultural industry and provided him with information about the complexities of American agricultural practices.

"I escorted a representative from the Russian farmers industry, and we visited the pork and poultry farmers that were in our market along with the slaughterhouses to see how they are preparing them for the market.”

These visits offered valuable insights into the meticulous processes involved in preparing these products for market, reinforcing their appreciation for the hard work and dedication of local farmers.

Ron really enjoys visiting the farms of the farmers who participate in the Market. That way he not only knows where the product being sold comes from, but also ensures the quality of what is offered to buyers.

When Ron began working with Historic Manassas, Inc., the Saturday Market had between 39 and 40 vendors, but over the years, the efforts and visionary leadership of Historic Manassas, Inc. led to a significant expansion of the Market.

Today, the Saturday Market is home to an impressive 130 vendors, a testament to the capabilities of Historic Manassas, Inc., and the staff, who along with Ron have fostered growth and created opportunities for local merchants and farmers.

That leadership and hard work has allowed the Historic Manassas Farmers Market to hold the title of number one market in Northern Virginia and Prince William County on more than one occasion.

Pre-Market Experience

Before working at the Farmers Market, Ron Taylor had a diverse career. He served as a transportation planning technician for Fairfax County, where he specialized in traffic studies, graphics, GPS mapping and surveys. His experience in this field provided him with a unique perspective that certainly contributed to his success as a Market Master. Prior to his county duties, Ron served in the Air Force as an aircraft mechanic during the Vietnam War. His time in Thailand, recovering downed jet planes, speaks volumes about his dedication and bravery.

One of the things Ron appreciates most about his role as Market Master is the opportunity to work alongside suppliers.

"What I like most about working as a Market Master is getting to work alongside the vendors. Getting to know them and the people who shop at the market and building a friendly and personal relationship with each of them, it is great!", he said. For Ron, it's not just about transactions, but about creating a welcoming and friendly environment that fosters a sense of community.

Ron is always willing to help those who come to ask for information. In addition, he has an impeccable musical taste that he shares with everyone and with which he keeps all the vendors and visitors in good spirits.

For Ron Taylor, the triumphs of the Historic Manassas Farmers Market are a collective effort, brought to life by the vendors and buyers who visit each week and who have a pleasant experience, who find a safe, clean, beautiful, and quiet place to shop, spend the day or just walk around and have fun.

"If it wasn't for them there would not be a market. It would not be the best market for 10 years in a row if it wasn't for them. I thank each and every one of them for our success."

Ron Taylor's history as Market Master of the Historic Manassas Farmers Market is a testament to his unwavering commitment to the community and local farmers and merchants. Thanks to his dedication and collaborative work, the Market has prospered and become a vibrant cornerstone activity of the City of Manassas. As Ron looks forward to another year, his passion and drive continue to inspire all of us who have the privilege of working with him.

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