Artful Manassas

Calling All Artists: Artful Manassas

You may have seen random pieces of art popping up along the streets of Historic Downtown Manassas. We’re launching a new art initiative to encourage artists from all over the city to come and add their artistic flair to Downtown. Use #ManassasArt when sharing pictures of local art on social media.
Check out the gallery below to see work that’s already out there, and check back soon for applications!
Contact Patrick Small for more information.

Design Guidelines:
Mural Art
Public Art Agreement

Banner Art:

2020 Banner Art Competition is complete! The top 70 banners have been chosen, and the winners of the top three banners are:

1st Place – Debra Keirce with “Shades of Yellow”
2nd Place – C. Di Silvio with “Happy Dog”
3rd Place – Jalisa Yates with “LavaBoy”

Thank you to all artists who submitted their work!! Applications for the 2021 Banner Art Competition are available now!

“Shades of Yellow” by Debra Keirce

The 2020 Banner Art Project Winner is Debra Keirce  for her piece “Shades of Yellow”.