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On Friday, November 6th at 6 pm EST, the Bull Run Unitarian Universalists, along with a

number of other religious and environmental groups will be sponsoring a virtual screening

of an award-winning film titled, the Condor and the Eagle. The film documents the stories

of the collective struggle of indigenous people of North and South America in their fight to

preserve their community and protect the Earth from climate change. They have struggled

with feelings of isolation their entire lives and are now discovering the power of their

shared voices to bring change to the entire world. After the viewing, participants will have

the opportunity for a discussion with the film makers and individuals featured in the


Donations for participating in the screening are appreciated. Please give according to your

financial context. All funds raised will benefit The Condor and The Eagle “No more

sacrificed Communities!” Impact Campaign, Unitarian Universalist Ministry for the Earth,

and Equal Exchange (a worker co-operative consisting of small farm partners across the

world working towards building an equitable, sustainable and democratic food system). A

donation scale based on ability to pay of $0-100, with an average of $25 is suggested.

Watch the trailer and register for the event


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