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The foundation of every great medium is their connection with Spirit. That is something that takes time to develop.

In this mediumship development circle, that is our aim for the event. We seek to sit together in blended harmony and invite in Spirit to blend their power with us.

Blending in the Power makes a medium more confident, quicker and more accurate in their delivery of messages.

This circle is recommended for beginners to advanced students and practicing mediums alike. As a beginner, you will learn how to blend with Spirit. As an advanced practitioner, you will increase the strength of your blend.

Circle only open to 20 participants so please RSVP if you can make it. Ideally, if you are really serious about your mediumship development, you need to attend this event once a month and do your own sittings at home.

Cost: $21.50 prepaid or $25 at the door.
Prepay Instructions: Send Uma an email and you will receive an invoice that can be paid by credit card.

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