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Free Book Talk at 1:30 with Janet Croon on her book The War Outside My Window.
About the Book

The War Outside My Window, edited and annotated by Janet Croon with helpful footnotes and a detailed family biographical chart, captures the spirit and the character of a young privileged white teenager witnessing the demise of his world even as his own body slowly failed him. Just as Anne Frank has come down to us as the adolescent voice of World War II, LeRoy Gresham will now be remembered as the young voice of the Civil War South.

About the Author

Janet Croon has recently retired from teaching advanced high school history in Fairfax County, Virginia. Originally from the Chicago area, she has lived in several places, including Dayton, OH, Albuquerque, NM, and Wiesbaden, Germany before eventually ending up in the Northern Virginia suburbs.

She holds degrees from the University of Illinois (BA ‘83) in Political Science, Modern European History, and Russian Language and Area Studies and the University of Dayton (MA ‘85) in International Relations.

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