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Lockheed Martin – 50th Anniversary

 Over the past year Lockheed Martin has been celebrating its 50th Anniversary in the City of Manassas.  A 50th Anniversary Celebration hosted by the City of Manassas,  this is to be a community celebration scheduled on the museum lawn for Saturday, October 12th from Noon-4pm.  The celebration will include food and drinks, games and activities, banners, music, speeches and other festivities.  Food and drinks will be complimentary to the company’s employees and families and will be available for purchase by the public.  The event is being hosted and sponsored by the Department of Economic Development and HMI.   Lockheed Martin is our third largest private sector employer providing 1,000 high-tech/high-wage jobs in the community and is one of our largest tax payers.  They have been growing steadily the past several years and their employees are deeply involved in civic, social, and community organizations.  This is our way of saying “Thanks for all you do.”


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