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1) How many times have you wanted to do something and missed out on the fabulous opportunity?

2) How many times have you looked at other people celebrating and prospering and wished you could be in the same boat?

3) How many times have you wanted to RISE and stand in your POWER and your GLORY but didn’t know how?

In Uma’s intuitive development program, we take the time to

? Uncover YOUR truth so you can live in authenticity!

? Learn how to work with YOUR intuition to make better choices that are more in alignment with your Soul!

? Discover your WHY and your PURPOSE in life to pursue your dream life and passions!

It’s ONE OF A KIND! Don’t be fooled!

Here is some more info:

⚜️Began as a weekend program in 2012 to a group of 10 female students and grew to an 8 month mentorship program for 40-50 men and women!.

⚜️The entire program was downloaded to Uma from her Spirit helpers as a need in the community for people to follow and trust their intuition more and develop a closer connection with Spirit

⚜️This program has ran for 6 consecutive years and enrolled over 100+students!

⚜️Graduated students frequently find a forever home at The Lotus and the Light Metaphysical Center to share their gifts, knowledge and abilities to a large audience!

It is created and designed to share information, practice techniques and give you space to SHINE.

Don’t believe? Talk to Uma’s former students:

? They OWN their own businesses!

?They are the most authentic and evolved people out there!

?‍❤️‍? They have found happiness & peace in their relationships

⭐ They have created a lifelong tribe with their mentorship classmates and formed strong bonds!

This is a class for anyone who wants to develop their intuitive and psychic skills as well as get to understand their individual path with Uma’s guidance. You will learn a different topic every month, and have a chance to practice with students in the class.

1) When are the classes?
Classes are scheduled one Saturday a month from 9.30am-3pm.
Topics include:

-January: Manifesting MY Best Life with Law of Attraction

-February: ME The Empath & Energy Protection Techniques

-March: Finding MY Soul Purpose using Numerology and Astrology

-April: Restoring MY Peace & Balance with Ayurveda & Yogic Sciences

-May: Unrooting MY Core Issues with Chakra Work

-June: Communicating with MY Angels & The Angelic Realm

-July: Journeying for MY Healing & Divination with Shamanism
and Practical, Graduation and creation of my ME Board

2) What if I want to graduate from the program but have to miss a class?
That’s fine! I get that life is busy and we all have other plans that pop up. You have an option to makeup missed classes:

a) Receive the online recorded version of the class. Cost is $25 and once payment is made, the recording will be mailed to you.

If you would like a certificate at graduation, you can only miss two classes and receive the recordings for those classes.

3) What is the outline for classes?
9.30am-10am: Registration and Chat time with Uma. This is your monthly check in for Uma to check on your progress and discuss any issues, questions or comments you may have.

10am-3pm: We start with the lecture on the topic for class followed by a short break and then practice time. You get ample time to practice concepts taught and sink it in.

There is also a practical included where you provide a 60 minute session to a volunteer and receive feedback.

4) What is the cost?
Cost is $125/class/student and payment is expected prior to the beginning of each class by Paypal. No exceptions!
If you pay upfront for the whole program (non refundable) the cost will be $750. Savings-$125

5) I am interested! What do I need to do?
RSVP for the January class to hold your spot in this program. Also RSVP for the remaining 6 classes through July 2020.

This program is only open to 20 students so make sure you RSVP to hold your spot.

RSVP here: www.bit.ly/umamentor2020

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